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Niki Waters is a Filipino-American artist who grew up internationally and spent most of her formative years in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Laguna, Philippines. She currently resides in Oakland, California. Niki graduated from the Academy of Art University (AAU) in 2011 with a degree in illustration and was awarded “Best in Show” at AAU’s 2011 Spring Show.

Since graduating, Niki has shown her work in various art shows throughout California and has illustrated for companies such as Vox, College Humor, and Blackout Comix. Her most recent work is a tribute to her childhood in the Philippines. Niki’s memories of her homeland are rose-tinted, and she strives to portray this feeling in her work.


To keep things exciting, Niki constantly changes the media she’s working with so that she can approach an idea from different angles. Some of her current favorite media are silkscreen printing, acrylic painting on layered plexiglass, pen and ink, and digitally for print and web. She also works in collage and linoleum block printing.

In her free time, Niki loves to travel the world with her partner, Jason Toney. They enjoy plein air painting together, and they hashtag their painting adventures #jasonandnikipainttheworld (check it out on Instagram).


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